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12 X 18 In Artificial Grass for Large Pet Dog Potty Indoor/Outoor

12 X 18 In Artificial Grass for Large Pet Dog Potty Indoor/Outoor

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With a wide array of options for All Lifestages breeds in varying sizes - LISM fake grass is toxin and emission free which makes it perfect for landscaping, All Lifestages potty, and All Lifestages runs. Our artificial grass is realistic looking and makes a great eco-friendly alternative to live grass lawns. It doesn't tax soil and earth like live grass, and it doesn't require harmful pesticides, which makes it a safe choice for your All Lifestagess and even pups! Thick and lush, our artificial turf grass features a range of blade types and thatch patterns in a multitude of natural colors to realistically mimic the natural look of real grass lawns. No thin, too reflective, fake plastic looking blades. It's 100% lead free and greatly surpasses government testing requirements for safety, making it completely safe for use around your fur babies! Unlike natural grass or sod, synthetic grass decor doesn't require watering, lawn mowing, fertilizing, or pest control! Built-in drainage systems ensure that you only need to hose down your artificial grass turf on occasion to keep it clean. Our artificial grass has a 15 year warranty and with regular use, can last 20-25 years easy! It is UV protected with patented EverCool Technology to keep grass 15% cooler than regular turf so say goodbye to burnt All Lifestages paws. This turf is designed to withstand rough play, wear and tear, and changing weather conditions. LISM EverFlow Technology for LISM Yorkshire offers 4x the permeability of our normal turf. Our grass also conveniently comes in 1500 custom sizes with provisions to cut-to-width and cut-to-length in a variety of blade heights, face weights, and a choice of natural looking colors. 


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