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50ml Dog Breath Freshener Cat Oral Care Teeth Cleaning

50ml Dog Breath Freshener Cat Oral Care Teeth Cleaning

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Dog Breath Freshener Cat Oral Care Teeth Cleaning Spray Multifunctional Pets Oral Care For Dogs Cats Puppies Fresh Breath

Bullet Points:

1、 [ Multi Functions ] Dog Breath Freshener is designed to meet the needs of cats and dogs, and provides effective bad breath treat, teeth cleaning, and overall oral health maintenance, making your pet's oral care easier and more efficient.
2、 [ Natural Constituents ] Fresh Breath for Dogs can ensure your pet gets the best care, does not contain any harmful additives, formulated with natural ingredients.
3、 [ Easy to Use ] Dog Breath Spray is just a few sprays directly into your pet's mouth, which can help improve their breath and promote oral hygiene, convenient spray bottle design makes oral care solution application quick and effortless.
4、 [ Made to Last ] Pet Oral Spray Clean Teeth provides long-lasting freshness, say goodbye to unpleasant pet breath, meet a Fresher, more joyful experience.
5、 [ Vast Application ] Cat Breath Freshener can treat bad breath and help clean teeth, may keep gums healthy, and give your pet the comprehensive oral care they deserve.
This Pet Oral Care Spray is a multi-purpose spray designed for cats and dogs, formulated with natural ingredients to effectively treat bad breath while keeping teeth clean and gums healthy. Can bring you a more pleasant pet companionship experience.

1. A bottle of complete pet oral care solution for cats and dogs.
2. Natural ingredients, safe and harmless, can effectively improve breath.
3. Convenient spray design, easy to use.
4. Effectively removes bad breath and supports overall oral health.
5. Clean teeth, prevent and keep gums healthy.
Capacity: 50ml/1.69oz
Ingredients: Natural Extract Breath Freshener
Scope of application: cats, dogs
Use scenarios: home, outdoor, travel, pet beauty salon
Function: Clean teeth/Treat bad breath/Keep gums healthy
Features: easy to use, natural ingredients, long-lasting freshness

Use daily before feeding pets.
Aim the pet's mouth with the nozzle, and spray 2-3 times gently.
No need to brush your teeth, the spray will penetrate and work automatically.
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Pet breath freshener*1






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