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51" Cat Tree with Hammock and Scratching Post Tower

51" Cat Tree with Hammock and Scratching Post Tower

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This cat tree tower is made of safe and environmentally friendly materials. The non-toxic E1 particle board is covered with soft and skin-friendly plush material, and the posts are coiled with natural sisal. These posts encourage positive scratching behavior and more importantly, free your furniture from sharp little claws. Energetic kittens love this multilevel cat tree, which expands usable activity space vertically and offers more room for pets to climb and explore. It allows cats to stretch out their bodies, exercises their muscles, develops balance and control, and adds to feline flexibility. Spacious and roomy, this cat tree is designed for one to two kittens to play with at the same time. There are plenty of relaxing spaces on the cat tree, such as a perch with a raised edge, a warm condo and hammock for napping, and a playful tunnel for adventurous kittens. A removable, interactive ball is included for more excitement, and you can replace it with your toys as well.


  • Material: Particle board, 400gsm plush and sisal rope
  • Overall dimension: 19. 3 x 19. 3 x 51" (L x W x H)
  • Safe and secure: 19. 3" x 19. 3" large baseboard helps to avoid wobbling or tipping over and ensures stability.
  • A safety strap and wall anchor are provided and can attach the cat tree to the wall for added stability.
  • Top round platform size: 12. 2 x 2. 7" (D x H)
  • Tunnel inner size: 7. 2 x 7. 9" (D x L)
  • Condo size: 11. 6 x 11. 6 x 12" (L x W x H)
  • Hammock size: 13. 8 x 11" (L x W)
  • Base board size: 20 x 20 x 0. 5" (L x W x Thickness)
  • Post diameter: 2. 3"
  • G. W. : 21. 4lb.
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