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Richell Accent Corner Table Pet Crate

Richell Accent Corner Table Pet Crate

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Richell Accent Corner Table Pet Crate


  • Enhance your home decor with a stylish and space-saving corner table pet crate, ideal for small and medium-sized pets.
  • Maximize the functionality of your space with the unique triangle-shaped design, fitting perfectly in any corner of the room.
  • Delight in the vintage design featuring elegant mesh panels and durable wood construction, providing both style and comfort for your pet.
  • Provide easy access for your pet with a fully opening door, ensuring convenience for both you and your furry friend.
  • Secure the door in place with the included side stopper, allowing for safe containment of your pet.
  • Choose from two available sizes to perfectly accommodate your pet's needs: small (up to 17.6 lbs) and medium (8.8 to 44 lbs).
  • Transform your living space into a comfortable haven for your pet while maintaining your home's aesthetic appeal.

General Information

Model: 80009 (Small) / 80010 (Medium)

  • Product: Richell Accent Corner Table Pet Crate
  • Material: Wood and mesh panels
  • Door opening: (Small) 18 x 15" & (Medium) 20.5 x 21"
  • Weight limits: (Small) up to 17.6 lbs / (Medium) 8.8 to 44 lbs

About this item

Introducing the Richell Accent Corner Table Pet Crate, a perfect fusion of style and functionality for your living space. This innovative pet crate serves as both a stylish corner table and a cozy leisure space for your furry loved one. The unique triangle-shaped design maximizes your room's functionality, fitting seamlessly into any corner. With its vintage design, elegant mesh panels, and durable wood construction, you can create a comfortable and stylish sanctuary for your pet while enhancing your home's decor. The fully opening door allows for easy pet access, and the included side stopper ensures the door remains securely in place. Available in two sizes, small and medium, the Richell Accent Corner Table Pet Crate is the ultimate solution for pet owners seeking style and convenience in one package.

Available in hexagon shaped: Accent Table Pet Crate 


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