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Birch Cat Scratcher

Birch Cat Scratcher

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Do you ever wonder if your cat imagines himself as a tiger when he's catching z's? House cats are descended from the big cats of the world, and what better way to pay homage to their origin than with the Birch Cat Scratcher? Just under 38 centimeters at its biggest measurement and made from durable cardboard, this unassuming log makes a great addition to your cat's play routine.Your wildcat deserves more than cast-off pieces of carpet stapled to a post.Birch Scratcher Log aims to give all cats a taste of the wild.

  • Aesthetically-Pleasing Design -Cat parents delight! The natural, wood-mimicking design of the BOUSSAC Birch Cat Scratcher log blends in to any color palette or room style. Better yet? Your cat will be too busy playing to notice its unassuming style.
  • Engages Natural Instincts - Don't sacrifice your furniture because your cat scratches. Corrugated cardboard, an enticing smell, and an exercise-promoting design encourages cats to scratch and mark on their logs rather than your furniture.
  • Use With Positive Reinforcement - Whoever said you can't train a cat never tried positive reinforcement! Redirecting your cat's scratches to a designated scratcher allows them to sharpen their claws in a safe space and models good behavior, encouraging more of it in the future.
  • Exercise & Personal Hygiene - The tree-trunk shaped scratcher not only entices kitty to sharpen its claws and stretch its muscles, it also invites your cats to zoom through its tunnel, which is a fun, high-energy way many cats play.
  • Built To Last. One-Of-A-Kind - Durable corrugated cardboard surfaces give cats ample scratching surface that lasts, and non-toxic ingredients that keep your cat safe and healthy regardless of how rough they play.
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