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Cat Bed & Pet Teepee Dog White Canvas

Cat Bed & Pet Teepee Dog White Canvas

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Pet Teepee Dog & Cat Bed White Canvas Dog Cute House - Portable Washable Dog Tents for Dog(Puppy)&Cat Pet Puppy Kitten Bed

installation steps:

Step 1: Install the main frame: The main frame is tied through the four main frames in turn (the AB label is in the front and the CD label is in the back)

Step 2: Install the bottom frame: 2 front and rear bottom frame wood poles (long) and 2 left and right bottom frame wood poles (short) pass through the bottom fabric in turn to butt and fix

Step 3: Insert the bottom frame into the main frame and dock with the main frame

Step 4: Fit the main frame of the tent to the main frame. Fasten the main frame of the tent with wooden buckles. Install 4 anti-slip sleeves for the main frame.

Step 5: Installation is complete


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