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Condo Duplex Playset - Charcoal - 53 Inches

Condo Duplex Playset - Charcoal - 53 Inches

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Two condos offer comfort, privacy, and a warm place to rest and sleep. Multi-level padded platforms provide additional areas for jumping, pouncing, and resting. Several dangled toys will engage your feline to play and hunt. Each scratching post keeps your cat nails groomed, protects your furniture from destructive behavior, and allows your four-legged friend to fully stretch and play.


  • Designed to entice your cats to come play. This cat playset has two condos, ramp, platform, handing toys, and serveral scratching posts
  • The posts are covered in dura carpet
  • The ramp is made of faux and sisal
  • This is a great piece for multi cat home
  • You can add, extend, or replace
  • Detachable dangle toys – quick connect
  • Hassle free replacement parts
  • Easy to assemble
  • Setup time - 15 minutes
  • For kittens and adult cats up to 10 pounds
  • Overall dimensions: L 17.72" x w 15.75" x h 53"
  • Completed condo dimensions: Diameter 12" x h 8.375"
  • Ramp dimensions: L 5.91" x w 20.87"
  • Material: Particle board, faux, dura carpet, sisal, paper tube
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