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Dome Cat Litter Pan, White

Dome Cat Litter Pan, White

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With a modern, circular design, the Petmate Booda Dome Litter Pan keeps floors free from litter-scatter and makes it easy for cats to go undercover. The hooded top encloses the pans and features a raised entrance to prevent tracking litter onto floors. Petmate's Booda Dome cat litter box is equipped with a charcoal- that traps odors as they rise from the circular litter box, allowing confident placement in any room of the home. Featuring an easy-lift handle and a rounded, non-stick plastic pan, cleaning the litter dome is quick and simple. This covered litter box ensures privacy for cats and keeps litter hidden from sight. With a unique design available in two colors, the dome offers an attractive alternative to standard litter boxes.


  • Covered litter pan reduces litter scatter
  • Unique circular shape is easy to clean since there are no hard corners to trap litter
  • Gives your pet privacy
  • Includes charcoal to absorb odor


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