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Enclosed Sifting Cat Pan, Litter Box

Enclosed Sifting Cat Pan, Litter Box

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High polished finish that is odor & stain resistant. The van ness enclosed sifting cat pan is easy to clean and maintain. Large enough for multi-cat households. From pet-safe materials. The best for your best friend. Throw out your scoop and save time with our van ness sifting enclosed cat pan. This smartly designed unit features two nesting pans and a sifting screen. When you lift the sifting screen the litter sifts out into the pan, leaving the clumps that you throw away. Roomy pan features a locking lid with  , carrying handle, and removable odor-controlling door.


  • Ideal for owners who want the benefits of litter scoop free maintenance combined with the odor control qualities of an enclosed pan
  • Provides class leading odor control by enclosing litter and providing the added benefits of an odor door and replaceable zeolite air  
  • Eliminates the need to clean your litter box with a scoop.
  • High polish odor and stain resistant finish


  • Binding: Misc.
  • Brand: Van ness
  • Color: Blue
  • Model: CP77
  • Dimensions weight: 6.60 pounds
  • Dimensions: L:22 x w:18.00 x h:12.00
  • Size: Extra-Giant


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