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Exaco Powered Ventilation System

Exaco Powered Ventilation System

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A powered ventilation system is available from Exaco to give your greenhouse maximum ventilation on warm days. This system uses a 12 inch exhaust fan, a 16 inch motorized intake shutter, and a single speed thermostat [model VC115-C], all from J&D Manufacturing. The exhaust fan and motorized intake shutter are installed in opposite ends of the greenhouse to provide air flow from one end to the other.

All of the equipment runs on a 110/115V connection. The powered ventilation system can be purchased with just the exhaust fan and thermostat, where one or more of the roof windows can be used for fresh air intake. If the complete system with all components including the motorized intake shutter is purchased, a plug splitter will need to be purchased separately so that both the exhaust fan and shutter can be used with the same thermostat.

The exhaust fan requires a 12.25 inch x 12.25 inch opening and is usually positioned high on the back wall. It comes pre-wired with a 9 feet long plug-in power cord. The intake shutter requires a 16.25 inch x 16.25 inch opening and is usually positioned in the lowest panel in the front wall. It also comes pre-wired and with a 9 feet plug-in power cord. Both powered ventilation options for Janssens greenhouses also include a clear, high-strength Lexan sheet to replace one of the glass panels during installation. Friendly installation help is available from Exaco for any questions you may have.
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