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Funny Cat Interactive Toys for Indoor Cats Teasing Cats Toys

Funny Cat Interactive Toys for Indoor Cats Teasing Cats Toys

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Bullet Points:
1. [ Natural Catnip Components ] This interactive cat toy is designed to stimulate the nervous system of your furry friends. It contains natural plant catnip extracts that make cats excited and happy.
2. [ Stimulate Cats' Curiosity ] With a big feather design that moves and shakes, this interactive cat toy will make your cat run and bite, enjoy the fun of hunting. It also stimulates their senses of touch and vision, keeping them active and healthy.
3. [ Safe and Durable ] Made of odorless materials, this interactive cat toy can withstand your cat's bites and pulls. It has also undergone strict tests and inspections to ensure its quality and safety.
4. [ Choose the Right Color ] This interactive cat toy is designed to suit your cat's personality and keep it entertained. You can choose from different available colors to match your cats' moods.
5. [ Interactive Cat Toys ] This interactive cat toy is designed to amuse your cat and keep them active and healthy. By playing with your cat, you can exercise their body and flexibility, as well as reward your cat for their good behavior. This toy also helps in enhancing intimacy and trust between you and your furry friend.
Do you want to keep your cat happy and healthy? Do you want to enjoy the fun of hunting with your cat? Then you will love this set of cat toys interactive. It includes various types of toys that can stimulate the nervous system and satisfy the natural instincts of your cat. You can play with your cat using the feather wand, the ball with a bell, the mouse toy, or the fish toy. Each toy has a different charm and style that will attract your cat's attention and curiosity. The toys are also safe and durable, made of high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear. This set of cat toys interactive is a must-have for any cat lover who wants to bond with their cat and make them happy.

Product name: Cat Toy Wand
Product material: PVC stick foam feather catnip
Product size:
rod length of about 40cm/15.75in
rope length of about 48cm/18.90in
Packing List:
Cat Toy Wand *1

1. Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the product may be slightly different from the color shown in the picture. Thanks!
2. Due to manual measurement, a measurement deviation of 1-3cm is allowed.

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