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Hamster Exercise Ball 5.5inch Transparent Ball

Hamster Exercise Ball 5.5inch Transparent Ball

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Small Hamster Ball isWear-resistant and transparent design for your furry friend. Easy to lock clockwise and open. Pink color adds a touch of cuteness. Ideal for pet shop owners and hamster lovers.

Size: about 14cm/5.51in
Material: PP
Color: Blue/Pink/White

Packing List:
Hamster Exercise Ball*1

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1.Made to Last: This hamster exercise ball is made of rigid PP material that can withstand wear and tear. It has a thick shell that ensures a non-slip and comfortable rolling experience for your furry friend.

2.Transparent Design: The transparent design of this hamster exercise ball lets you watch your as they explore and exercise. It makes their daily activity more fun and enjoyable for both of you.

3.Fast and Easy Entry: Swivel the lid to the left and you can easily open or close it for your hamster. Swivel it to the right and it locks in place. Your hamster won't be able to loosen the lid and escape.

4.3 Colors to Choose From: Our hamster workout ball comes in a variety of colors, including a relaxing blue, a gorgeous pink, and a white. Choose the color that best fits your personality and enjoy watching your pet have fun.

5.Vast Application: This exercise ball is perfect for any small pet, such as hamsters, mice, and more. You can let them enjoy the ball in your house, in a pet shop, or in any other place you want to give them some exercise.

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