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K-9 Cafe Tray Pack Pet Food Dispenser

K-9 Cafe Tray Pack Pet Food Dispenser

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The K-9 cafe tray pack pet food dispenser makes feeding and watering your dog easy. the contents remain sealed inside until your furry friend decides to eat. This green/beige Bergan pet food storage container offers automatic feeding of 25 lbs. of dog food. It also includes a convenient Snap-On base that holds five gallons of water. This storage container has a lid that's hinged and remains open for easy refilling. The item is designed for large dogs and is ideal for kennels and breeders to use.


  • Designed for the larger breed dog.
  • Keeps contents sealed inside.
  • Base snaps on easily.
  • Hinged lid for easy refilling.
  • Constructed from plastic.
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