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Luxury Automatic Cat Litter Box WIFI App Control

Luxury Automatic Cat Litter Box WIFI App Control

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Please empty the waste box when error indicator is blinking, that means the box is full.

When do you need to clean up

Change to Manual mode-> Add cat fresh litter -> Press play button -> Switch to any other modes you wish

After empty the cabin, when adding cat litter into the cabin:

Empty mode: The device will start emptying all cat litter inside the ball cabin.

Manual mode: The device will start the cleaning process after pressing the play button.

Auto mode: Auto mode: The device will automatically start the cleaning process 3 minutes after the cat leaves the litter box (default wait time). Wait time can be set.


The cat litter box performs a self-test every time is plugged in. DO NOT touch the machine or buttons during this process.

Please make sure that the litter box is placed on a flat floor. DO NOT lean against any objects. DO NOT place any objects on top of the unit.

Before use

Tips for the CATLINK’s Self Cleaning Litter Box


We recommend to expose the carbon filters to the sun every other month and change them every three months.

Activated carbon filters come inside the waste drawer.

We still recommend replacing the liner at least once a week, the frequency of replacing depends on how many cats own.

* The 13L oversized waste drawer is enough to meet the needs of the pet owner for short trips.

* Suitable for cats between 3.3lb-44lb.

* The huge interior space provides a good toileting experience for cats.

Convenient for both cat owners and cats

Waste Drawer


Sphere Bin

Back Cover

Device self-check and weight calibration are required after installation.

Make sure all parts are dry.

When intall

The pedestal of litter box is not washable, but it can be wiped with a clean cloth

The back cover, the sphere bin, the waste drawer are washable.

When clean

Be careful not to lose the small support bracket on the back of the sphere bin.

When dismantle

Easy to Dismantle and Clean

X2 Ball Cabin Filters: 1 filter is suitable for regular bentonite based cat litter, the other filter is suitable for Mixed litter (Clumping & Tofu based litter)

12V 2A Power Cable

X3 Waste drawer roll liners

x2 Activated carbon odor removal filters

User Manual

Fully Assembled CATLINK's Cat Litter Box

What‘s In The Package?

Note:The Catlink Stair is only a ladder.It's because the height of the automatic cat litter box is a little high. Using this ladder can make it easier for cats to climb up. If you mind, please don't buy it, thank you




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