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Pet Dog Food Storage Container Dry Cat Food

Pet Dog Food Storage Container Dry Cat Food

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Material: TPR+PP
Unfolded size:43cm/16.93"*25.8cm/10.16"*20cm/7.87"
Folded size:43cm/16.93"*25.8cm/10.16"*9cm/3.54"

Product features
1. Exquisite and small, does not take up space, dwells in the corner or kitchen cabinet, the home is clean and orderly
2. The base is heightened design, stable placement, moisture-proof and moisture-proof, split design, easy to disassemble
3. Sliding design, large diameter, easy and convenient to take grain and can be well sealed and not susceptible to moisture
4. The barrel has thick walls, strong load-bearing, thickened design, durable and more reliable for storing grain
5. Multiple strong seals, sliding closing, tight and tight sealing, insect-proof and moisture-proof, effective sealing waterproof and moisture-proof and durable
6. High temperature resistance, large capacity, can be stretched or folded, choose the capacity on demand, repeatedly folded is not easy to break, durable


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