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Pet Rectangular Cat Bed, Red

Pet Rectangular Cat Bed, Red

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The  Pet Self Warming Bed features heat-reflecting technology that keeps dogs and cats warm and cozy. Lined with the same material found in Mylar space blankets, it reflects body heat to radiate warmth with no electricity required. For additional comfort, the exterior of the pet bed is made from plush corduroy and the sleep surface is covered in soft, faux lambswool. It also features a textured, non-slip bottom to prevent slipping or sliding when pets step in and out. The pet self-warming rectangular lounger can be washed to keep your pets' sleeping space fresh and clean. For pets and pet parents on the go, the self-warming mat's lightweight polyester fiberfill ensures portable convenience. It's offered in a wide range of sizes and shapes so dog and cat owners can choose a bed that suits their pet's individual needs.

Pet Self-Warming Rectangular Lounger, Creme/Red, 24" X 20":

  • Offered in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide range of pets, bed styles include rectangular bolster bed, round bed and pillow bed
  • Textured bottom allows non-slip placement on a variety of surfaces within the home, including tile and hardwood flooring
  • pet bed with plush corduroy exterior and soft, faux lambswool sleeping surface encourages pets to cuddle up
  • Interior self-warming layer reflects pets' body heat to provide comfort and warmth
  • Stock up on the classic pet products you need every day as a pet owner, from orthopedic beds to sturdy chicken coops, Pet has everything you need to improve your life with your pet from day one
  • pet self-warming rectangular lounger sizes: 24" x 20", 30" x 24"
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