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Pet Separation Barrier Reinforced Fiber Breathable Mesh

Pet Separation Barrier Reinforced Fiber Breathable Mesh

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Bullet Points:
1、Safety nets can allow your child or pet to stay where you want
2、The isolation net allows pets to stay away from dangerous areas while at the same time provide a secure fence for play and rest
3、Easy to assemble, ready to use: 2 mounting options, perforated snap joint and adhesive buckle
4、Suitable for door, wall, stairs, bedroom, dining room, or anywhere outside
5、Product size: about 100*80cm, the recommended installation range is within 98cm.

Name: Baby door fence isolation net pet fence safety net
Keywords: Indoor Gate, Baby Gate, pet gate, Safety Baby Gate, pet gate
Color: Black
Size: about 100*80cm/39.37*31.50in
Material: reinforced fiber + polyethylene
Gross weight: about 950g
Note: The recommended installation range is within 98cm.







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