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RIGA XL 5 Greenhouse 14' x 16'5"

RIGA XL 5 Greenhouse 14' x 16'5"

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Foundation Frame

The Hoklartherm Riga XL 5 from Germany's top greenhouse manufacturer is a stylish addition to any garden. Its 14X16 interior provides plenty of room for cultivating plants or utilizing it as an outdoor sunroom or even an indoor pool enclosure.

Ten-ft peak offers room for tall plants & trees; ample space for avid gardeners. The reinforced aluminum frame & unique "onion" design allow to withstand inclement weather. Tornados or hurricanes never destroyed a Hoklartherm Riga Greenhouse.

Four roof windows w/ automatic openers ventilate & keep the Riga XL 5 interior comfortable. Dutch doors on each end provide easy access, & install quickly.

The triple-wall 16mm polycarbonate provides remarkable insulative efficiency and safety, with enhanced durability compared to 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate. No gutters are needed with the Riga's effective drainage, and assembly can be completed in a weekend, provided the site is prepped with a leveled floor and foundation.

The Riga XL 5 adds value to your home with unmatched build quality that maintains its eye-catching aesthetic for years. Enjoy a spacious, durable, and attractive addition to your property that will be the envy of all.

Why Choose RIGA XL 5?

  • RIGA XL 5 Greenhouse, designed by Hoklartherm (28 yrs exp. in commercial/hobby greenhouses, sunrooms, etc.), made in Germany..
  • The RIGA XL 5 Greenhouse features strong materials and durable hardware.
  • The RIGA XL 5 Greenhouse offers more window and door ventilation than other units in its class.
  • The 16mm triple-wall German polycarbonate glazing on the RIGA XL Greenhouse is superior to Polygal & GE glazing.
  • One major advantage of the RIGA XL's construction method is that the frame profiles are permanently attached and won't come loose over time due to wind pressures.
  • German engineering - guaranteed top quality!
  • Optional Shelving: 160-lb capacity shelves available w/diagonal support braces. Twin-wall polycarbonate shelf inserts can be removed for tall plants or to insert seed trays. Flexible for gardening needs.
  • The RIGA XL 5 Greenhouse is attractive and fits well into an upscale garden setting.
  • The RIGA XL 5 Greenhouse offers year-round insulation for plants, saving on heating costs.








  • Strong wind/snow-resistant "onion"-style build.
  • Frame material: Anodized aluminum frame
  • 16 mm UV-coated TRIPLE-wall Polycarbonate Glazing
  • First-class insulation:
    • Frame and walls sealed w/rubber and windows with silicon caulking.
    • High-quality construction with tightly fitted parts
    • R-value: 3.0
  • Two wide Dutch doors with keyed locks – 37.5″ wide x 74″ high – 1 in the front and 1 in the back
  • Roof vents: 4 roof vents (37.5"W x 39.5"L) with auto opener, no electricity.
  • Wind tolerance: 120 mph with 3-second gusts
  • Snow capacity: 30 PSF ground-snow load
  • Included in the Riga XL 5 Greenhouse Kit:
    • Profiles, glazing, rubber seals, and hardware
    • 4x roof vents
    • 2x barn-style doors
    • Assembly guide
  • Rainwater gutter system: No
  • Expandable: No (not possible because of the greenhouse shape)
  • Frame color: Silver/Aluminum
  • Peak height: 9ft 10in
  • Floor space: 231 sq. ft.
  • Dimensions: 14ft wide x 16ft 5in long x 9ft 10in high
  • Assembly time: 2-3 people: 2 days at a minimum
  • Warranty:
    • Twin wall Polycarbonate: 10 years (prorated after 5 years)
    • Frame: 15 years
  • Made in Germany
  • Shipping Information: Greenhouse ships in 8 boxes, 7 on a pallet; one 20ft box. Delivered via LTL, curbside only. The driver uses a pallet jack/liftgate; help from the customer is needed to unload framing cartons. Recommend 2 people present for delivery.
  • Confirm access for an 18-wheeler truck prior to ordering. Thank you.

Additional Accessories

Upgrade any RIGA Greenhouse with these optional accessories.

    Foundation Frame

    The base kit, made of reinforced aluminum for durability and square frame, is used when assembling the Riga greenhouse directly onto the earth. It's lip is meant for placement in the ground. No base kit is needed if anchoring to a wood/concrete base.

      Riga XL Pro Accessory Kit

      This set of accessories is a great way to improve any Riga XL Greenhouse. Each of these accessories will be helpful to plant growth and health.

      Includes the following accessories:

      • 1x top and 1x bottom shelf: Riga shelves are designed to carry a high load. The bottom shelf can hold a 160-pound man, so it will hold your pots as well.
      • 3 sets of professional LED Grow Lights
      • 1x  24in intake shutter vent
      • 1x 20in exhaust fan
      • 1x thermostat to control vent and fan
      • 1x 17,500 BTU 220 V heater
      • 5x heavy-duty seed trays
      • 10x stainless steel hooks and 10x heavy-duty plastic “hooks”
      • Assembly Facilitation Kit: 25′ metric tape measure, 10mm socket wrench, 10 mm open wrench, 2 20′ J-hook ratchet straps, window restraint cables, 2 tubes Boss 399 silicone caulk, permanent marker

        Drop Down Door 

        If building a Riga XL5 Greenhouse over a stem wall, we recommend the Door Extension Kit. It covers up to 20" extra height above the door and adds to the structure's beauty.

            Assembly Tips

            Assembly is easy, even without experience. Depending on size & options, it may take a weekend & 2-3 adults. Consider hiring a handyman or contractor- affordable online at AngiesList or HomeAdvisor. Read the assembly manual near the bottom of this page. Prepare a level, square foundation- best with concrete. Remove grass & weeds; cover with a weed control mat. Concrete slabs freeze & impede temp regulation. Add a path down the center with flagstones, bricks, or decking.

            Staff Recommendations:

            • Note: Please be sure to check your local building code for any required permits
            • Please contact us with any questions; lead time is 1-4 weeks, and returns are costly.
            • Maintenance-free design means the Riga only needs occasional washing with a garden hose and recommended annual tightening of all nuts and bolts
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