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Tracks Roller Toy For Cat Interactive Kitten Fun Mental Physical Exercise

Tracks Roller Toy For Cat Interactive Kitten Fun Mental Physical Exercise

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1. The Cat Toy Roller Exerciser is made of eco-friendly PP material, not easy to break.
2. It has a detachable design with 4 tracks for easy installation, storage, and cleaning.
3. It will make the cats happier and enhance each other's friendship.

Product name: Cat Turntable Toy
Weight: 480g
Product size: 28*25*16cm/ 11.02*9.84*6.30 inches
Packing size: 25*25*11.5cm/ 9.84*9.84*4.53 inches
Material: PP
Style: four layers

Packing List:

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1.Unique Design: The Cat Turntable Toy with four-tier cat towers is a natural cat toy. The hollowed-out tracks circulate layer by layer, surrounded by colorful balls. With gorgeous feathers, it is inspiring, making 360 degrees rotating feathers dance like a sparrow.

2.Durable Material: Drop-resistant, scratch-resistant and not easy to break, the Cat Toy Roller Exerciser evenly solves the impact force, it is made of environmentally friendly PP material.

3.Install Easily: Easy to install, store and clean, the Track Roller Toy for Cat's balls are all strong enough to not dent when wedged in. When the cat grabs them, they hold and roll on the closed track. It is detachable and has 4 tracks.

4.Perfect for Cats: The Cat Ball Toy can make cats happier and strengthen each other's friendship, two or more cats can play together with this cat ball toy. Catnip or treats are placed on its toy plate to arouse the kitten's interest.

5.Intelligence Toy: The Cat Teaser Ball Toy satisfies cats' exercise needs. , it is an interactive cat toy. With a sturdy and non-slip base design, it's perfect for active and energetic gaming.

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