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Tremolo Cat Scratcher

Tremolo Cat Scratcher

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  • Treat Your Cat Like A Rockstar - Cats like furniture -- why not get them their own? For cat owners tired of hair on their sofas and scratch marks on their chairs, The BOUSSAC Tremolo Cat Scratcher House can make a huge difference.
  • The Design Appeals To Nesting Instincts - Cats naturally want to nest in a protective space, and often prefer to sleep in enclosed spaces like closets or under the bed. The enclosed top of Park & Bench cat scratchers helps cats feel safe while the design provides a comfortable nesting space for your kitty.
  • Simple Style Matches With Most Decors - Our guitar-shaped cat scratcher appeals to guitar lovers with its classic shape and smooth wooden design. The color and simplicity of it, however, makes it easy to place in any modern-styled home. Wood tones go with everything, including your cat!
  • Entrances Built For Cats - Everyone needs some alone time -- cats especially so. Giving cats a scratcher with an entrance which fits them and them alone establishes a trust between you and your cat and helps them feel like they have a safe place to retreat when you whip out the vacuum.
  • Built To Retain Heat - Cats love to snuggle up and feel warm just as much as humans do. Cat nooks like BOUSSAC conserve heat while your kitty sleeps, plays, or just spends some quiet time in repose.
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